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Past Presentations 

Eventually people learn that they can't buy their your way out of a problem

What do you say when the results aren't good?

Baselines are like Resumes
Why reporting needs to be concise.

I don't need no tools
I have a new network and equipment what can go wrong?

Broadcast Storms
So whats a few extra packets?

Latency, the Basics
Start understanding the impact of latency

"What the heck is a tool?"
Why bother with getting test tools?

Real World Throughput Testing
Go test your connection today

Port Unreachable
Tony explains a common scenario regarding port unreachable and helper addresses

Get to know ICMP
Really neat tip about troubleshooting ICMP packets

Get your house in order
You should always start monitoring and improving performance in your own backyard, or network

Make your own Cabling Errors
I talk about creating your own erros, so when you encounter them in the field, you will work more effeciently

Broken and Baselining
Tony's Shaking your Network to Bits Video clip
Tony explains the paradigm shift when it comes to support and lays some of the foundation for baselining

Space Junk - the The Problem
Tony's Shaking your Network to Bits Video clip
Here Tony talks about the 'Space Junk' on your Network and how you may have not found the root cause to your 'Problem'

If It Aint Broke
Tony's Shaking your Network to Bits Video clip Here Tony talks about what how the old saying, "If it ain't broke.." isn't something you want to wait for. Tony also explains why a ping isn't the proper tool for the job.

What is Training
Hear about Tonys definition of Training'

Pulling Straws
Hear how this famous old technique works - or doesn't work for you

What The Heck Is a Tool
This is the first in many videos where I explain what a tool is and the difference between data and information.

The Right Tool..
Tony explains why you need more than 1 favorite tool.

Big Network Game Hunting
Here Tony talks about the value of having a network tool even though you may not find a problem