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Here's the fresh bits:

  1. Troubleshooting a Router Installation

  2. The Bootup Baseline

  3. Network Analysis Techniques for Large Trace Files

  4. Automated Troubleshooting with Pulover's Macro Creator

  5. Wireshark: Configuring Interface Displays

  6. Wireshark Captures with Dumpcap

  7. Figuring Out Where To Slice a Packet Using Wireshark 

  8. Merging Trace Files

  9. Switch Port Discovery Using Switch Miner

  10. Wireshark Capture Interface Issue

  11. VMware Player and Testing Tip

  12. Packet Loss Vs. Latency: Analyzing the Impact

  13. Operational Guidelines and Tools for Network Testing

  14. Capture Packets With Microsoft’s netsh

  15. Wireshark Decode As Example 

  16. iPerf2 vs iPerf3

  17. Investigating Routing Problems

  18. Guidelines and Tools for Network Testing

  19. Free Wireshark and Network Troubleshooting Webcast

  20. Free Network Troubleshooting Webcast

  21. Free Packet Analysis Webcast

  22. Using Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter

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Certified Wireshark University Instructor since 2007

Certified Cisco CCNA since 2014

And just plain working in the Networking Field since 1989  ;)

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