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I will be teaching, a 5 day  Virtual

Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark

Mar 7 - 11, 2016


Here's the fresh bits:

  1. Network Redesign: In The Field Network Computing

  2. When ip.src gives you more than you expected with Wireshark 

  3. Wireshark 2.0 Statistics Endpoint Report

  4. Packet Analysis: HSRP, EIGRP, STP And CDP  Network Computing

  5. Using Wireshark To Identify Application Signatures Network Computing

  6. Installing Multiple Cisco Switches

  7. Wireshark 2 0 Find Feature

  8. Wireshark 2.0 What Happened to the Statistics Summary Screen

  9. Wireshark 2.0 Welcome Screen: An Introduction - Network Computing

  10. Wireshark 2 0 Capture Options 

  11. Decoding SMTP Authentication Using Wireshark - Network Computing

  12. HTTP Basic Authentication Primer - Network Computing

  13. Cisco IP Helper Address Complications  - Network Computing 

Certified Fluke Networks Instructor since 2003

Certified Wireshark University Instructor since 2007

Certified Cisco CCNA since 2014

And just plain working in the Networking Field since 1989  ;)

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