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Networking Overview - Half Day

This course establishes a ‘baseline’ of knowledge and the students get a opportunity to review network concepts from a troubleshooting perspective. Network basics are reinforced with hands-on examples.


The first lesson taught to the students is to boldly ask the question, “So What?”.  This will ensure the instructor and students fully understand the theory or concept just presented.  If you can’t answer that question, then you've missed something.


The goal of the course is to empower the students with enough knowledge to immediately reference.  The habit of questioning leaves them with an inclination to understand new technology and become an efficient troubleshooter.



  • Standards And Protocols - Why Bother?

  • OSI - Layer 1 - Physical

  • Untangling Wire Specifications

  • Wiring and Pin Assignments

  • Example of Bad Wiring

  • Permanent and Basic Link Theory

  • Fiber Optics overview

  • OSI - Layer 1 - Physical - Repeaters/NIC

  • Hex to Decimal to Binary and Back

  • OSI - Layer 2 - Datalink

  • OSI - Layer 2 - Encapsulation Types

  • Watch Out for Switched Networks

  • Local Routing; Auto-matic, Auto-magic or Auto-tragic??

  • OSI - Layer 3 - Routing Analysis

  • OSI - Layer 3 - Routing Operation

  • OSI - Layer 3 - Routing Troubleshooting Tips

  • Packet-Filter Firewall Overview

  • Stateful Packet-Filter Firewall Overview

  • Proxy Firewalls Overview

  • Sample Packet Breakout

  • Application Problems

  • Troubleshooting Reminders

  • Tony’s Top Customer Issues.

  • Network Documentation Methods

  • Sample Web Browsing Exercise

  • Client & Server Misconfigurations