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MS Networking and TCP/IP - Full Day


This course will review Microsoft operation, implementation, design and support.  The instructor will be able to determine which technical areas to focus on and the students get a opportunity to review network concepts from a tactical perspective.  Network basics are reinforced with hands-on examples in a collaborative environment.

The “So What?” lesson is reviewed with the students after any important concept is presented.  This will ensure the instructor and students fully understand the theory or concept just presented.  The goal of the course is to empower the students with enough knowledge that they can immediately use.  The habit of questioning leaves them with an inclination to understand new technology and become an efficient troubleshooter.


  • NDIS Overview

  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) command and options

  • Internet Protocol (IP)

  • To ARP or not to ARP?

  • Route, Netstat, nbtstat

  • Tracert versus Ping

  • Promiscuous ARP

  • DHCP operation

  • Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

  • PMTU discovery

  • Time To Live Exceeded

  • Fragmentation

  • Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol UDP

  • What is Window frozen and Window exceeded?

  • How to determine if applications or stations are overloaded?

  • NetBIOS name resolution and impact of node types.

  • WINS

  • Resource Browsing

  • Server Message Block review



  • The ARP Request Frame - RFC1122

  • Measuring ARP Cache Aging

  • Internet Protocol - RFC1122 and RFC 791

  • IP Datagram Header

  • IP Routing and Bridging Loops

  • IP Broadcast Addressing

  • IP Multicast Information

  • Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSM)

  • Route Aggregation & VLSM

  • Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)

  • IP Network and Broadcast Address Calculation

  • IP Local Routing

  • IP Connection Issue

  • IP Route Diagram

  • TCP, UDP and ICMP Packet Format

  • ICMP RFC792, RFC1122 and RFC1812

  • ICMP Errors

  • IP Fragmentation

  • ICMP Decode Issues

  • IPMTUD - IP Maximum Transmission Unit Discovery

  • IP Troubleshooting Commands

  • UDP Flooding

  • Sample of Generic IP UDP Flooding

  • UDP Checksums

  • TCP Three-way Handshake

  • TCP Port Numbers

  • TCP Port Numbers And Well-known Trojan Horses Use?

  • TCP Retransmission Behavior

  • TCP Fast Retransmit Behavior

  • TCP Keep-alive Messages

  • TCP Slow Start Algorithm and Congestion Avoidance

  • TCP Functionality: Reliable Delivery

  • TCP Window Information

  • TCP Window Scaling Option

  • TCP Zero Window Example

  • TCP Window Information

  • TCP Silly Window Syndrome (SWS)

  • TCP Nagle Algorithm

  • TCP Delayed ACK


  • TCP Push Bit Interpretation

  • Wayward Packets

  • SNMP Notes

  • Telnet Modes

  • HTTP Analysis



  • Internet RFCs Supported by Microsoft Windows TCP/IP


Hands-on examples are used to reinforce any of these concepts.