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Minimizing Latency, Maximizing Throughput - Full Day

This course will review Network operation, implementation, design and support with a focus on how it impacts performance.  The instructor will be able to determine which technical areas to focus on and the students get a opportunity to review network concepts from a tactical perspective.  Network basics are reinforced with hands-on examples in a collaborative environment.

The “So What?” lesson is reviewed with the students after any important concept is presented.  This will ensure the instructor and students fully understand the theory or concept just presented.  The goal of the course is to empower the students with enough knowledge that they can immediately use.  The habit of questioning leaves them with an inclination to understand new technology and become an efficient troubleshooter.



  • Distance Latency
  • Bandwidth Latency
  • Packet Transmit Latency
  • Calculating Packet Size With Bandwidth In Mind
  • Calculating TCP Window Size
  • Queuing and Other Forms of  Latency
  • Example - Catalyst 2100 Switching Latencies
  • Bit Layer Performance
  • Device Bandwidth Specs
  • Don’t Give the Hard Drive a Hard Time
  • Throughput Measurement
  • Calculating Voice Bandwidth Requirements
  • Calculating Voice-over-IP over ATM Bandwidth
  • Synthetic Transaction Performance
  • Traffic Policing And Traffic Shaping
  • Protocol Analyzer - Performance Measurement
  • TCP Transmission Types
  • Protocol Analyzer Reporting Methodology
  • Effect of Modifying TCP Window Size
  • When is 1 Gb not 1 Gb?
  • I Paid Full Price, So Why Can’t I Get Full Bandwidth?
  • Spin the Bottleneck.
  • CRC Impact on Performance
  • Slow Receiving Device
  • Application Analysis Steps
  • Reporting Your Results
  • Drive Comparison
  • Example of Local Routing - Why Did It Take Longer for This Transfer?
  • Bootup Configuration Baseline
  Hands-on examples are used to reinforce any of these concepts.