1 Day Wireshark &
Network Troubleshooting Class
Zoom Remote Class (10 person limit)

Join Tony for 1 day of Wireshark, network troubleshooting, baselining and general tips and tricks.
This course is for everyone, from the novice just getting into the field, to the vetern who is looking for a refresher and a different approach.

The Technology Firm has put together an original network troubleshooting class for a reasonable price.
Product specific classes typically cost from $1,700-$2,500/day, whereas this 1 day class is offered for only $500 USD.

Attendees will be provided with couse materials and a recording of the days' session.

Here's what people are saying about Tony's classes
Bob H
If you are undecided about attending then I suggest you go! Tony came and spent a few days with us and delivered an excellent course that had me thinking about networks in a whole new way. The wireshark skills alone make it worthwhile and he shows you tools by making you actually use them. You will walk out of there eager for something to break on your network just so you can bust out your new "toolbox" of skills and freeware.

Tim O'Neill
This is an opportunity to learn about Real World network visibility and core diagnostics ....Tony will teach you a lot and better then that he will teach you how to learn about your network in the real world not just in the classroom. I wish I could go! Do Not Miss this opportunity!

Capturing from the command prompt
Capture vs Display Filters
IO Graph
What is Task Offload in NDIS 5
Silent Windows Installation
Capture Stop Triggers and Ring Buffers
Name Resolution Notes
Drag and Drop
Endpoints vs Conversation
Expert Info
Follow TCP Stream
Using Packet Bookmarks and Wireshark
Exporting from Wireshark into Excel
Search packet for payload specifics
Saving filtered packets
Analyzing response time
Documentation and Baselining examples
Creating and Using Profiles
Many hands on protocol analysis examples
TCP 3 way analysis and other tidbits
About the class
Tony will be using Wireshark on a Windows platform
Ensure that you have wireshark installed on your computer
We will have a morning, afternoon break and time for lunch
Class hours will be from 9 am to 4 pm EDT

Tonys Links
The Technology Firm https://www.thetechfirm.com
Linkedin Profile https://ca.linkedin.com/in/fortunat
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@thetechfirm
NetworkDataPedia: https://www.networkdatapedia.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/therealtechfirm


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