What Do I DO?

glassTony will teach or troubleshoot on your live network, with your staff as part of his customized onsite training service.

Tony is a contributor on several websites as well as contributor/editor at www.networkdatapedia.com. ‚Äč

Tony has taught and presented at numerous Colleges/Universities, public forums and private classes to thousands of analysts since 1999. Tony has worked in various roles ranging from project management, network design, consulting, troubleshooting, designing customized courses and assisting with installations, those daunting datacenter clean-ups and network migration projects.

Customized Training

Tony speakingTony will meet with the client determine their training requirements and deliver a class to your team.

Classes can be onsite, remote or hybrid in case your team can't make it.

A popular training format is Tony's mentoring where I work on your live network, with your tools, staff adressing any current issues or performng baselines.


hardhatTony provides traditional onsite troubleshooting and installation services as well as remote packet analysis. In some cases, Tony will train your staff on his troubleshooting and reporting techniques. If you arent sure what you might need, reach out to Tony and you can have a chat to figure it out.


SueLike most offices, the staff are the glue that holds everything together. Sue Luque is that person. Sue deals with all aspects of the office from billing, booking travel, etc.